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West Timor Trip

To support and encourage... West Timor By Rev Wendell Flentje My wife Mary and I continue to visit West Timor because we can clearly see how God is at work in the bible translation and scripture-in-use work there. We believe that God has called us to support and encourage that work and to do what we can to enable it to be fruitful. On previous visits we have been able to get to know many people who are part of the translation and scripture-in-use teams and we have attended the dedication of 2 New Testaments in local languages. Our 5 week visit in March-April 2013 enabled us to participate in...

An Invitation from the Mowanjum People

100 years ago this October, The Presbyterian Mission formed a relationsip in the Kimberly region with the Mowanjum People. This friendship is unique and powerful as it includes three language groups and has stood the test of time. The Presbyterian/Uniting Church still enjoy a strong relationship with the Mowanjum People today and look forward to celebrating the Centennery of this partnership. Click on the link to read more.

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